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Ukraine is perhaps the best example of God at work, despite. Despite conflicts, despite echoes of Communism, despite the opportunity for hopelessness. Despite all these things, God gives hope to this beautiful, vibrant country.



Forget what you think you know about Ukraine. The real Ukraine is far more gorgeous, more bustling, and more alive than you probably imagined. From its gorgeous cities, centuries old, to its villages, centuries older, Ukraine possesses an inner strength. The people are very educated, and they are very proud to be Ukrainian. The many conflicts over the years have strengthened the people and made them more resolute.

Like the rich, dark Ukrainian soil holding seeds to feed a nation and others, the seeds of Christ have been planted among the Ukrainian people, and despite the struggles, these seeds will grow through the quiet relationships of those showing Christ in this place.



The Work We're Doing in Ukraine



Plant 400 churches throughout Ukraine over the next five years.

One church plant: $10,000

Funds will assist the pastor and rent a meeting location.

National churches will be partners in this endeavor.



A Story of a National

Alla stands undaunted in the face of adversity, a trait she probably got from her grandmother. When Alla was born, Ukraine was under Soviet control, and practicing Christianity was illegal. Her grandmother was saved during this time and started praying for Alla. Alla eventually did come to Christ. “I didn’t come to Jesus because something was going wrong in my life. I came because I was searching for meaning in life,” explains Alla.

The Soviet Union eventually fell and soon after, Assemblies of God missionaries created the Kyiv Bible Institute (KBI). Alla wanted desperately to be a student, but at the time, only men were invited to enroll. Drawing from her brave nature, she and a few other women petitioned for admission. They were allowed in and became part of the first graduating class.

And Alla never left. She now has six degrees of higher learning and became the first Ukrainian-born dean of KBI in 2005. Just like He did in Alla’s life, God grew KBI well beyond its humble beginnings. The institute has now graduated 900 students to go and spread the gospel. Alla puts it succinctly: “I came from a simple village family, but God prepared me, before I was saved, to one day train an army of God.”



Our Team

“In collaboration with the national church of Ukraine, we have set a goal of having 2020 churches in Ukraine by the year 2020. We need to plant just over 400 churches to reach this mark. In spite of war and the political unrest we are experiencing, we believe that this is God’s hour for Ukraine.”

- Gerald Dollar, Geographical Leader, Ukraine



Current Opportunities

+ Church Plant Team Leader (4+ years)

Cast vision and guide team recruitment as lead pastor of a church plant. Work alongside individual team members to enhance their spiritual gifts and abilities, building a cohesive unit that disciples, multiplies, and spreads across the region.

+ Church Plant Team Member/Apprentice (1-2+ years)

Launch a church plant in Ukraine with like-minded team members through an internship program. Use your God-given strengths to reach out to the community around you in relationship, discipleship, and leadership.

+ Marketing Manager (1-2+ years)

Oversee the social media, marketing, and customer relationship management system for all of Eurasia Northwest under the direction of the Area Director.

+ English Teacher at English Club (6 month-1+ years)

+Teacher at Kyiv Christian Academy (1-2+ years)