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From its medieval cities to its gorgeous beaches, Lithuania has an abundance of beauty for such a small country. And true beauty, the beauty of Christ, is ready to burst forth.



The Soviet Union came to Lithuania and made urban centers out of its agrarian villages, erecting utilitarian concrete buildings that mirrored the gray skies. But the colorful life of Lithuania is ready to break through the gray, and the stoicism of a distrustful communist society is thawing to reveal a warmness and openness.

What illustrates Lithuania’s potential are its gorgeous beaches. These inviting beaches stretch the length of its coast and are a contrast with the hard functionality of the country’s past. Similarly, Lithuanians need to experience the joy of Christ over the ritualistic religion so many practice. Ministry to that end began several years ago, but now is the time to propel it forward.



The Work We're Doing in Lithuania



Church planting boot camps:
Three per year at $10,000 each: $30,000

Church plants:
Vilnius: $50,000
Vilnius International: $50,000

Chi Alpha:
Vilnius University: $30,000
Vytautas Magnus University – Kaunas: $30,000



A Story of a National

Rytis is a man with great focus. He wants to spread the gospel and will do whatever it takes to do so. He speaks quickly and passionately; he speaks in a way that draws people in. Rytis possesses great gifts and he uses them for the Kingdom.

Rytis wasn’t always this way. His gifts, now so apparent, were once hidden, even to himself. Many years ago Rytis was mired in hopelessness. He was an alcoholic with dealings in a world less than legal. He saw no way out. But God did. God shone light into the darkness of his life so that Rytis could see the gifts God gave him.

Rytis uses those gifts in powerful ways today. He now leads one of the largest churches in Lithuania, which features a dynamic youth movement. He has the kind of deep compassion for the lost that can only come from a man who was once lost himself. He cries easily for the brokenhearted, and his emotions often well up as he preaches. Rytis’ sermons speak of the redeeming, life-changing love of God, a love that once redeemed and changed his life as well.



Our Team

“The atmosphere in Lithuania is charged with excitement for church planting as the national Church has set aggressive goals to that end. I anticipate awesome stories of life change from Lithuania.” 

– David Millsaps, Geographical Leader, Baltics Region (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)



Current Opportunities

+ Church Planter and Team Members (1-2+ years)

Join in launching a church plant in the Baltics with like-minded team members. Use your business, communication, vocational ministry or other skills in practical ways to assist the church; and reach out to the surrounding community in relationship, discipleship, and leadership.

+ Chi Alpha Director (2+ years)

Pioneer a Chi Alpha ministry in Lithuania. Develop relationships with students, make disciples, and raise up leaders to impact the university, the marketplace, and the world.

+ International Church Planter (4+ years)

Minister to a diverse and gifted congregation, and join the church planting movement of Vilnius, Lithuania.