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You can stand in the flat environment of Latvia and see the fullness of the sky- horizon all around. It is an open land that grows more open to Christ.



In Latvia obstructions are few. The environment is cold, and at first glance, the people seem to be as well. But with time and authenticity you can move past the coldness to find an extremely loyal and loving people. The occupation and oppression in Latvia’s history has led its people to value relationships over material things. The task now is to show Latvians the value of a relationship with God, a relationship that surpasses even their understanding of relationships. Sharing life with Latvians is more effective than any great message or compelling text—because it shows Christ to the people He loves.



The Work We're Doing in Latvia



Church planting boot camps:
Three per year at $10,000 each: $30,000

Church plants:
Riga, West: $50,000
Riga, East: $50,000
Riga, Center: $50,000

Chi Alpha:
University of Latvia: $30,000



A Story of a National

In a country with miles of shoreline along the Baltic Sea, it’s not surprising that Gena Vineta sums up his approach to ministry with a boat analogy. He calls the Church a rowboat too often interested in what a nice rowboat it has become. As a big ship sinks nearby and its passengers are tossed into the water, the Church is too distracted by its new oars and shiny paint to see the people drowning. The urgency needed in this analogy is the same urgency that Gena feels to reach the lost. He doesn’t care about how nice the rowboat is—he wants to save those drowning.

Gena’s ocean is the flat landscape of Latvia; the sinking ship is its villages. So he goes off to the many villages day after day, year after year, and reaches out a hand to grasp the drowning. His happy disposition serves him well as he goes door to door with his relational ministry. There’s nothing fancy about it, just old fashioned friendships. Gena has a way of speaking the truth while remaining non-judgmental. He’s as solid in theology as he is in adaptability—Gena has the ability to meet people right where they are. He doesn’t always feel skilled for the task, but he is a hard worker. And each day he rows with urgency into the places in need of rescue.



Our Team

“A vibrant and eager group of students from the Baltic School of Ministry are a ready resource to advance church planting efforts across Latvia. We are looking for missionaries to join a church planting team, learn language, and plant the church. This could be huge!”

– David Millsaps, Geographical Leader, Baltics Region (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)



Current Opportunities

+ Church Planting Team Member (1-2+ years)

Join in launching a church plant in the Baltics with like-minded team members. Use your business, communication, vocational ministry or other skills in practical ways to assist the church; and reach out to the surrounding community in relationship, discipleship, and leadership.

+ Chi Alpha Director (2+ years)

Launching Chi-Alpha small groups in Riga. Work alongside two possible new church plants who are focused on reaching universities in their area. Utilize a free, open meeting place to begin small groups and disciple like-minded believers.

+ Church Planting Team Leader (4+ years)

Cast vision and guide team recruitment as lead pastor of a church plant. Work alongside individual team members to enhance their spiritual gifts and abilities, building a cohesive unit that disciples, multiplies, and spreads across the region.