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The story of Georgia is the story of potential, grown over centuries, ready to burst.



Though Georgia only relatively recently gained independence from Russia, it is an ancient country with ancient Christian roots. Today it is a land of contrasts with big cities racing forward and smaller villages remaining unchanged.

Its lush, beautiful landscape is gorgeous enough to be a treasured vacation gem and undisturbed enough to feel like a place undiscovered. Hospitality is the operative word here where the people love to care for others and want nothing more than to make them feel welcome.

God knows this diverse country and its people. He sees them and cares for them deeply. And the abundance of their generosity is small compared to the generosity of the One who longs to welcome them home. God is about to do something big in Georgia. Now is the time to reawaken the ancient faith and show modern, welcoming Georgians the timeless, welcoming arms of Christ.



The Work We're Doing in Georgia



Plant, build, and strengthen strategic churches
Bolnisi: $55,000-70,000
Borjomi: $65,000-70,000
Mestia: $35,000
Lagodekhi: $15,000

Launch Chi Alpha ministry: $10,000



A Story of a National

Pastor Roman has endured more than most for his faith. He has been harassed by the KGB. He started pastoring a church without even having a Bible. In the early days of his church in the city of Zestaponi, they were kicked out of their location twenty, maybe thirty, times. Eventually, the church found a building and it grew to the point of bursting at the seams. Despite the challenges, the church and Pastor Roman possess a passion for reaching the lost that is rarely seen. They now hope to build a new church, to accommodate the current congregation and to continue its growth. Pastor Roman’s story is the story of many Georgians, a devoted passion married to a country ready to grow.



Our Team

“Georgia with its many unreached people groups, including hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and its long Christian heritage, offers opportunities to reach the lost that must be taken. Working with the national church, we can finish the task in Georgia by making sure every demographic group, every geographical region, and every unreached people group has the opportunity to hear the gospel truth in a culturally relevant way. This vision can become reality in our lifetimes through the coordinated strategy of planting churches, training national church leaders, and doing compassion work through local churches with the ultimate goal of creating a church planting movement in Georgia and beyond.” 

– Geographical Leader, Caucasus Region (Armenia & Georgia)



Current Opportunities

+ Church Planting Specialist/Trainer (2+ years)

Cast vision and guide team recruitment as lead pastor of a church plant. Work alongside individual team members to enhance their spiritual gifts and abilities, building a cohesive unit that disciples, multiplies and spreads across the region.

+ Chi Alpha Director (2+ years)

Lead and empower students through a small group ministry in Tbilisi. Form and develop relationships with students, building community through Bible-based discussion, and disciple student leaders for planting new small groups.

+ Study Abroad/Chi Alpha University Ministry (1-2+ years)

Study abroad at one of Georgia’s universities. Aid in Chi Alpha university ministry by leading small groups and English clubs.