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Estonia is a country with forward momentum and palpable need.



The country furthest north in Eurasia Northwest, Estonia sees many days of cold and darkness during the winter months, but its people seem rather unaffected by that. Estonians believe in the value of the outdoors, whether that be in metropolitan city of Tallinn, on bike trails twisting through forests, or on the many islands just off the coast.

After achieving independence from the Soviet Union, Estonians advanced as technological leaders. Skype launched here, and in the cities parking can be paid by mobile phone. Momentum continues to move everything forward. But amidst such growth is a population that is largely irreligious. Many Estonians need a new understanding of God’s love, not a reminder of ancient forgotten things, but a real, impactful relationship that affects everyday life and eternity.



The Work We're Doing in Estonia



Church planting boot camps:
Three per year at $10,000 each: $30,000

Church plants:
Tallinn, Focus Church additional campus (Estonian speaking): $20,000
Tallinn, Godwins: $50,000

Chi Alpha:
Tallinn University: $30,000
University of Tartu: $30,000



A Story of a National

Kristin often asked about the meaning of life but found her question met with stares or disapproval. Over time she stopped asking, leaving a hole wanting to be filled. She searched for life’s meaning outside Estonia, where she was born, hoping others would hold the answer. She enjoyed traveling and through her travels always searched for experiences that might bring her closer to her true purpose. It wasn’t meant to be. 

Years passed and she was no closer to the truth. She eventually became friends with the Focus Church team in Tallinn and was invited to their Alpha course. She hoped to stump the leader with difficult questions and to reveal the hypocrisy behind their belief. Instead she found an unexpected answer: Jesus. The ideas she fervently looked for all her life were encompassed in this one Person. She found Him in the sweet harmony of a loving church family and the active Word of God. Her life was forever transformed.



Our Team

“Utilizing over a dozen people on a team to launch a church has resulted in a dynamic and vibrant church. Real lives have been changed by the power of the gospel. We can’t wait to see how church planting will explode across Estonia!”

- David Millsaps, Geographical Leader, Baltics Region (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania)



Current Opportunities

+ Church Planting Team Members (1-2+ years)

Spend time growing spiritually and professionally in a team environment, learning the habits of practical ministry in a non-religious, European city. At the successful conclusion of this time, you will have the opportunity to join a church planting team, or join a team that is working toward catalyzing and assisting in the church planting initiative in the Baltics.

+ Administrative Assistant (2+ years)

Organize events, aid in planning and ministry by working with Focus Church leadership. Aid in automation and efficiency of daily church functions.

+ Campus Pastor in Training (4+ years)

Train under Focus Church leadership team in a preparation period to launch your own campus. Cast vision and guide team recruitment as lead pastor of a Focus Church plant. Work alongside individual team members to enhance their spiritual gifts and abilities, building a cohesive unit that disciples, multiplies and spreads across the region.