It's evident that Sharon McCammon is a passionate person, but anyone who knows her for more than a moment knows that her heart beats for the children of the world--especially Lithuania. It's not that she was called to a specific time, place, or group; in fact, she makes it clear that "I'm just doing what I would do if I were living in the States." 

When she was younger, Sharon noticed that not all church members were likely to be active other than sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. The solution? Teaching discipleship at a young age. Sharon desires to see not 10% of Christians involved in discipleship-as is often the case-but 100%. And it starts with the children.

Kidz Lithuania is a ministry that focuses not only on showing Jesus to children, but teaching children how to show Jesus. Sixteen-year-olds disciple fourteen-year-olds; fourteen-year-olds disciple twelve-year olds. "We're not in the business of regurgitating state religion. I want these students to know that it's o.k. to ask questions, to seek God together, to share our victories and defeats."

The idea revolves around "Jesus Talks" (derived from TedTalks), where the youngest child decides the topic to be discussed that day. Some choose Baptism, the Holy Spirit, etc.; and the older children, along with Sharon, study scriptural truths to help them and the younger children understand. Other children want to talk about how to build a car or bake a cake; in these moments, too, everyone jumps in with enthusiasm, always investing in relationship building and bringing the spotlight back on Christ. 

"The main thing is, these students are doing the ministry themselves. It's a tier; it multiplication. I'm just a glorified bus driver, honestly. I get the kids where they need to go, make sure the lessons are theologically sound, and let them grow. It's their ministry, really, not mine." 

Whatever the case, the fruit from this harvest is evident. Many of the children who graduate from the program go on to become worship leaders, pastors, and strong members of their community. Jesus isn't just taught; He's lived. "You can't force someone to accept love," Sharon says, "but you can demonstrate it. And that's all we're doing. Honestly, this ministry, this life? It's just a joy. I love it. I love it."

What Sharon truly loves is finishing the task, the goal of Eurasia Northwest. Though perhaps no brick and mortar are being shipped in to build a physical church, the next generation is being brought up to know what serving Christ truly looks like; to be the Church. This Christmas season, Sharon with be overseeing a Christmas Evangelism Tour-sharing Jesus in six cities of Lithuania through comedy, music, and altar calls. The speaker? A sixteen-year-old girl discipled through the program. 

"Our desire is to personally connect them to the local church," Sharon says. And it's with the next generation in Lithuania that this dream is becoming a reality.