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Simply standing in Armenia, you can feel what was and the anticipation of what is to come. It is a lighthouse in a sea of Islam, and it’s poised to change the region.

Whether standing in a modern shopping district in Yerevan or in the open mountainous expanses of the countryside, Armenia reaches forward and stretches back at the same time. The walls of the ancient monasteries tell the story of Armenia as the first Christian nation in the world, and the faces of today’s Armenian Christians tell the story of its potential to change this region of the Muslim world.

A Story of a National

Pastor Vazir decided to stop the drinking that was ruining his life. He reconciled his relationships and got to work doing what God called him to do. Now Pastor Vazir heads up the ministry to reach Yazidi Kurds in Armenia. They live in villages across the mountainous landscape connected by the green fields and sheep in between. The region has twenty-two villages: eleven Kurdish and eleven Armenian. The Christian faith and testimony of Pastor Vazir has now impacted his village, eight of the Kurdish villages, and one Armenian village.

Where there was nothing, the Holy Spirit grew something. Pastor Vazir’s church is a dynamic force for expanding the reach of the gospel into the other villages in the region.

“Through centuries of persecution, Armenia has been preserved as a lighthouse for Christ in a sea of Islam. Today Armenia is a strategically located springboard from which an equipped church can launch the gospel into the surrounding darkness to spread throughout the Middle East. Realizing a strong, healthy church in Armenia can reach the nations–especially Muslim nations–in ways others cannot, finishing the task here means working with a committed national church to ensure every part of Armenia has meaningful access to the gospel and a strong local church to train faithful disciples so that Armenians can rise up and take their long-ordained place in God’s plan to reach the nations.” 

– AGWM Missionary to Armenia (sensitive)